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EDPROFST 703 - Leading Literacy Inquiries

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Leading Literacy Inquiries
Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Aaron Wilson

Course description

Systematic inquiries into teaching and learning for students facing difficulties with literacy learning. A review and analysis of literature relevant to the practices of literacy and literacies, and engagement with a range of theoretical and pedagogical perspectives will inform the inquiries.

Course overview

This course is designed to develop your knowledge and skills as a literacy educator in leading inquiries to improve literacy learning outcomes.

Based on research by the team at the Woolf Fisher Research Centre, this course will have you complete two literacy inquiry projects in which you inquire into the reasons for some students experiencing difficulties in their literacy learning, design approaches for addressing these issues and evaluate the effectiveness of those approaches.

The course draws on literature about the importance of inquiry-based approaches for solving long-standing problems around inequitable outcomes, and will help you develop a detailed knowledge of different approaches to inquiry, including skills in detail analysis, hypothesis generation and testing, intervention design and evaluative capacity.

To complete this course students must enrol in EDPROFST 703 A and B.

Currently scheduled classes

2020 Online/Blended (Semester 2): Online teaching with compulsory on campus block sessions on Monday 13th July, Tuesday 14 July from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. and on Wednesday 15 July from 9:00am to 12:30pm

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