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EDUC 747 - Leadership in Youth Development

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EDUC 747
Leadership in Youth Development
Learning, Development and Professional Practice
Delivery modes
Weekly Lecture
Course director

Pat Bullen

Course description

An advanced study of the theories of adolescence and positive youth development, including a critical examination of research dealing with issues which affect adolescents in a variety of contexts. Includes collaborating with and supporting a campus-based therapeutic youth mentoring programme to advance understanding of youth development leadership and practice skills.

Course overview

EDUC 747 is 30-point service-learning course nested within the Campus Connections Aotearoa – Tūhono Aiopīpī programme.

This service-learning course integrates community service with instruction and reflection to enhance the learning experience.

The service learning in this course involves youth development leadership and practice through Campus Connections Aotearoa. In addition to developing therapeutic communication and relationship building skills with youth participants, students will engage in leadership tasks such as pro-social activity design and facilitation and/or mentor coaching roles as part of their hands-on learning experience.

The course runs for a full six-hour day each week of the 12-week semester but four of these hours are spent in mentoring and leadership activities with the youth and other students. This time investment is designed to enhance the impact of the experience for both youth and students. Because the face-to-face hours for this course are much higher than for other electives, the number of course readings and the written component of the on-course assessments are reduced. A substantial focus of the course is on practice-based learning and some assessments are completed during class time.

Important things to consider when selecting this course as an elective:

- Given that you will be working with vulnerable young people, your commitment is critical. We expect full attendance at training, lectures, weekly programme sessions, post-session debriefs and the programme graduation.

- You must attend the 16 hours of pre-programme training (lunch is provided both days):
- Wednesday 24 July: 9am–5pm
- Saturday 27 July: 9am–5pm

- Sessions run from 31 July to 30 October, including Wednesdays during the university mid-semester break (4 September and 11 September), but do not run during the school holidays (2 October and 9 October).

- Students will be required to take on leadership roles that may involve the development and facilitation of youth activities and mentor coaching.

For more information about Campus Connections Aotearoa – Tūhono Aiopīpī visit

Currently scheduled classes

2020 Epsom (Semester 2): Weekly lecture jointly taught with SOCYOUTH 300 and PROFCOUN 700 as part of campus connections programme. Lectures on Wednesdays (22 July to 28 Oct) from 9:00am to 10:00am and 2:00pm to 3:00pm. Additional lectures on Wednesdays (29 July, 12 Aug, 26 Aug, 9 Sept, 23 Sept, 21 Oct) from 8.00am to 9:00am.
2020 Epsom (Semester 2): Practicum every Wednesday from 10:30am to 2:30pm

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