Course details

Title Dr. Melanie Woodfield: Child psychology in primary and early childhood settings
Target group Classroom teachers, SENCOs, teacher aides
Curriculum area Health and Wellbeing
Level Primary
Early Childhood
Code KYHW22
Venue Kohia Centre, University of Auckland - Gate 2, 76 Epsom Ave, Auckland
Facilitator(s) Dr. Melanie Woodfield
Description This course will provide a unique and interesting perspective on how core psychological ideas relate to the classroom environment and more importantly, how this knowledge can be utilised to support children to learn and connect to the best of their ability.

Specifically, this course will provide:
• An introduction to typical child development and how to identify development that’s different, including a spotlight on autism spectrum disorder
• An overview of the concept of intelligence and how it is assessed by psychologists, including what is usually meant by terms such as giftedness, intellectual disability, and specific learning difficulties
• An overview of common mental health issues in children and adolescents, how they impact on learning and relating to others, and how to support students with these needs

Particular attention will be paid to ADHD.
• Tips and techniques to enhance communication with students, drawn from strategies therapists use to engage young people

This lively day is filled with practical strategies and real world examples and will be of interest to teachers and professionals working with young children.
Date(s) Thursday 12 September 9am-3pm
Fee Members' fee $295
Non-members' fee $330