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Title Helping anxious students: evidence-based strategies to support children and adolescents to thrive
Target group Classroom teachers, SENCOs, School Guidance Counsellors
Curriculum area Health and Wellbeing
Level Primary
Code KYHW9
Venue Kohia Centre, University of Auckland - Gate 2, 76 Epsom Ave, Auckland
Facilitator(s) Dr. Melanie Woodfield
Description Within every classroom in New Zealand, there is a group of students who have (or will) experience problematic levels of anxiety. Difficulties with managing anxiety or stress is one of the most common reasons children and families require professional mental health support. Anxiety can impact detrimentally on learning, peer relationships, and physical health.

Reassuringly, there are skills and strategies that teachers can develop to build resilience and coping skills in students. Fostering students’ ability to support themselves and others during times of stress is a feature of the New Zealand curriculum, and enables students to learn and relate to others to the best of their ability.

This lively day is filled with practical strategies and real-world examples and will be of interest to teachers, school guidance counsellors, and professionals working with young people in health, social services, and education.
Date(s) Thursday 24 October 9am-3pm
Fee Members' fee $295
Non-members' fee $330