Course details

Title Oral language and the foundation skills that lead to the success of new entrant writers
Target group Teachers of level 0-2
Curriculum area English/Literacy
Level Primary
Code KYPE8
Venue Kohia Centre, University of Auckland - Gate 2, 76 Epsom Ave, Auckland
Facilitator(s) Jo Williams
Description This workshop will address the importance of daily oral language opportunities, sensory experiences and play. Effective ways of developing children’s speaking, listening, thinking and questioning skills will be discussed.

The workshop will also highlight the connection oral language has to early reading and writing development. This will also include the importance of foundation skills: memory, visual, auditory, gross motor and fine motor skills and building on these skills in preparation for learning.

The development of literacy skills through an integrated, cross curricular, thematic and authentic approach with be explored. Practical links between literacy and other curriculum areas will be demonstrated.

The workshop will move on to beginning the writing process highlighting the importance of providing opportunities for celebrating writing milestones. The group will share ideas for children’s writing and spelling experiences and different personal approaches.

At the completion of the course participants will

• Have an understanding of the Literacy Progressions documents and the Supporting English Language Learning in Primary Schools (SELLPS), plus other useful resources and further readings
• Understand the importance of foundation skills
• Have knowledge of ideas for children’s writing and spelling experiences
Be aware of visual resources, props and useful websites
Date(s) Tuesday 12 November 9am-12:30pm
Fee Members' fee $160
Non-members' fee $190